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Barrington Tops horse riding

Just $50 for 1 hour and $60 for 2 hours over hills, across rivers and far away eha!

If a restful horse-riding holiday in a retreat within 3.5 hours of Sydney is what your heart desires, then Barrington Tops is the ideal place to go.


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Listed as a World Heritage Area, Barrington Tops offers a huge range of activities and sights to all who visit its incomparable beauty. An ancient woodland dating back to the Gondwanaland age, before the continents even began to separate, it is the ultimate area to experience nature at its best, especially for the horseback rider. 


Ancient Antarctic Beeches and other local flora and alpine grasses grace the landscape, which boasts nearly half of Australia’s plant species, a third of the mammals and birds, and approximately 50 endangered species.


Share this beauty with your family while on horseback, guided by those who know the area.

Two-hour horse rides are just $60 per person.


However you wish to do it, the multitude of tracks and trails through the 80,000 hectares of National Forest and Cobark Valley make riding a comfortable experience, even for the inexperienced, making it possible for families to enjoy the holiday together.


 You will be matched with a horse suitable for your level, making this a suitable activity for both novices and experienced horse riders alike. You can rest assured that your ride will be properly trained and calm.


If you prefer a little more activity in your day and would like to see how the Australian Country Folk do things, join in on a cattle muster (with stockmen as your guides) at the Camp Cobark Horse Riding Centre in the Northern Barrington Foothills. The hosts at the centre - Big Al and Di - are sure to give you the heartiest of welcomes and will offer you the chance to take part in some new, perhaps never-experienced-before activities.


 Only a 3.5 hour drive away from Sydney to the North West, the Barrington Tops area offers a cool environment to escape to during the hot weather, with summer temperatures ranging from 13-28˚C and 1-16˚C in the winter, with the possibility of snow flurries. Access to the area is via Gloucester or Scone onto the Barrington Tops Road.


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